Committee – Policy

Committee Members

Wendy Colman-Lawley, Trustee
Linda Kerr, Trustee
Marilyn Warren, Trustee
Balan Moorthy, Superintendent of Schools
Renge Bailie, Assistant Superintendent
Natalie Lowe, Secretary-Treasurer
Jenny Veenbaas, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
Laurie Bjorge, Executive Secretary
Greg Lawley, Principal (FCPVPA)
Rosalee Floyd, Principal (FCPVPA)
Chelsea Cromarty, Teacher (FCTA)
Vacant, (FCTA)
Laurie Hansen, Support Staff (CMAW)
Kim Stanway, Support Staff (CMAW)
Brooke Bobb-Reid, Committee Member (AEC)
Leanne Bowcott, Committee Member (AEC)
Crystal Hatzidimitriou (DPAC)
Vacant, (DPAC) 
Student RepVacant

Sept 29 2020 Minutes Agenda Package Audio
Nov 24 2020 Minutes Agenda Package Audio
Jan 26 2021 Minutes Agenda Package Audio
April 20 2021 Minutes Agenda Package Audio


Given the requirement for physical distance during the COVID-19 pandemic, committee meetings will be temporarily held via Zoom for committee members.

Public will be able to call into the meeting via audio conference and participate in Question Period at the end of the meeting. Call toll free 833 955 1088 or 833 958 1164
Meeting ID: 613 6606 9552
Public are asked to put their phones on mute until Question Period.