Outdoor Education

Fraser-Cascade Mountain School is an outdoor experience program run by School District 78 (Fraser-Cascade) in British Columbia, Canada. We offer regular all-season outdoor excursions to students of SD78 schools.

We have been providing safe, quality, professional outdoor experiences to adolescents for more than 25 years. We are grateful to the Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission and to the Hope Mountain Centre for Outdoor Learning for significant and ongoing financial support over the years – our program would not exist without them.

Our backyard is the Skagit Valley, Manning Provincial Park, the Fraser Canyon, Harrison Lake and the amazing Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area. From the Coast Mountains to the Cascades, from the Fraser Canyon to the U.S. border at Hozomeen, we hike, camp, climb, snowshoe, explore and learn. Our summer courses are popular and well attended.

During this year’s autumn hiking season, hundreds of adolescents and their parents enjoyed a full day hiking with the Mountain School.