Board Members

Linda Kerr

Board Chairperson

I am pleased that the Board has entrusted me to be their Chairperson this year.  My colleagues are committed to the wellbeing of our students and staff, and bring to the table an extraordinary set of skills.

Trustee Ron Johnstone did a superlative job of keeping up with the almost-daily changes to the pandemic protocols during his time as Chair and, since the pandemic has not receded as we had all envisioned, I hope to respond in a similar manner.

In School District #78, we have much to be proud of: we work collaboratively with our many partner groups, we strive to extend our understanding of new concepts in education, and we focus on the real work of making opportunities for our students.

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Cathy Speth

Board Vice Chair, Fraser Canyon

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Pattie Desjardins


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Wendy Colman-Lawley

Agassiz / Harrison

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Wendy Clark

Agassiz / Harrison

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Andrea Hensen


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