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Belief Statements

The Board of Education for School District No. 78 (Fraser-Cascade) believes that core values are useful in delineating the culture of an organization and serve to animate practice.

The Board believes that:

  1. All students can develop social, emotional, physical, and intellectual capacity when supported by caring, capable adults who work collaboratively to sustain student learning.
  2. Inclusive teaching that consistently provides engaging, relevant learning opportunities is an effective way to improve learning for all students.
  3. Age, race, culture, special needs, individual talents, and gender are positive assets that enrich the learning context in a diverse learning culture.
  4. A safe and caring learning environment treats all people respectfully as individuals with understood expectations, roles and responsibilities.
  5. The school district is a learning community that both shapes and remains responsive to changing student characteristics and learning needs.
  6. Community involvement in quality of education decisions and school governance supports student learning through the responsible analysis of data for the purposes off-setting goals for continuous improvement, and celebrating successes.
  7. Learning is a lifelong activity to be fostered at all levels of education from the classroom to the boardroom.