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To: Parents of School District 78 Students who receive Special Education services

Re: Special Education Survey

School District 78 (Fraser-Cascade) is conducting a parent survey of our special education services.  The purpose of this survey is to ensure we are meeting your expectations and to help us plan for the future.  Completion of the survey is voluntary, but your participation is greatly appreciated.  The survey will be open until November 2019.


Kevin Bird                                                Donna Barner

Assistant Superintendent                     District Coordinator of Student Services


How do I know if my child receives special education services?

Parents must sign a form for their child to receive special education services.  If you have signed a form then please complete the survey.  If you haven’t signed a form but think your child should have services, please complete the survey as well.

Who will see my survey answers?

The survey is completely anonymous.  Any information that might identify you or your child will not appear in the report.

Can I complete the survey without a computer?

Yes, please call the help number below for assistance in completing the survey.

I have more than one child in special education?

Feel free to complete the survey once with all children in mind or once for each child, whichever you’d like to do.


Help with the School District 78 Special Education Survey

Email:    snap@sd78.bc.ca

Call: (604) 869-2411 extension 112 and ask for help with the Special Education Survey